Set the Mood with Jazz: Christmas jazz Edition!

There’s a chill in the air, and lights are up all around the neighborhood. It’s Christmastime! What better way to set the festive mood than with some tunes, if jazz is your thing, we’re here to help. From nostalgic classics to new favorites, you’ll want to add these songs to your Christmas jazz playlist!

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra

You’re probably already humming this one to yourself just reading the title! This classic Christmas jazz song brings back memories of cozy evenings with the tree brightly lit in the background. Although this song is most famously sung by Sinatra, it was originally sung by Judy Garland for the musical Meet Me in St. Louis. If you want to add a more modern version to your playlist, Michael Bublé, Sam Smith, and John Legend also recorded their versions of this song!

“Those Soulful Jingle Bells” by Mark Whitfield

We all know and love “Jingle Bells,” but you may not have heard this version yet. Guitarist Mark Whitfield updates the song with guitar, drums, bass, and brass.

“Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” by Michael Bublé

No Christmas music playlist would be complete without something from Grammy Award-winning Canadian artist Michael Bublé! This fun classic gets a jazzy update in his 2011 album Christmas. Though the instrumentals are updated, you’ll find yourself singing along to the familiar lyrics and tune.

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“Winter Wonderland” by Sharon Marie Cline 

This wintertime classic was written in 1934 and has been covered by at least 200 different artists, like Doug Webb! A sultry saxophone accompanies the classic lyrics to this version of the song, along with the warm vocals of Sharon Marie Cline. The only thing you’ll be missing when you hear this song is a cup of hot cocoa in your hands!

“A Marshmallow World” by Seth MacFarlane

Did you know Seth MacFarlane has a Christmas album (Swing, no less!)? Well, you just have to check out this upbeat, dance-along song that envisions a world covered in snow. If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, add this song to your Christmas jazz playlist!

“Silver Bells” by Tony Bennett

This dreamy version of a classic song is sung by no other than Tony Bennett, along with the Count Basie Big Band. With an illustrious career spanning seven decades, this was one of the last songs recorded by Tony Bennett, for his 2008 album A Swingin’ Christmas.

Hope these song ideas make your Christmas a little merrier!

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