Wintertime Jazz Playlist

Winter is almost here! Snow, a cozy sweater, and a warm drink…. What more could one ask for? Maybe a wintertime jazz music to get you through the season? Here are some of Sharon Marie Claire’s top picks! 

What Are Four Jazz Songs Perfect for Wintertime Listening?

With winter upon us, it’s time to crank out the best wintertime jazz songs. Below, you’ll find a few jazz songs worth listening to when the weather turns cold and frosty. 

“Wintertime” by Norah Jones 

Not everyone loves the chill winter can evoke. If you’re not feeling in the mood to celebrate the first snow day or a weekend wrapped up on the couch in as many layers as possible, you should listen to “Wintertime” by Norah Jones. 

Norah Jones’s song “Wintertime” evokes a soulful examination of longing. She spoke about this recent song of hers with Entertainment Weekly and described the creative process when it came to recording this song, which has a melancholic undertone. 

“Happy lyrics always sound cheesy coming off my tongue,” she said, explaining the push-and-pull between her and Jeff Tweedy, who wrote the chords and the foundational lyrics for the song. However, despite being slightly melancholic, this jazz song plays smoothly on a winter’s day when you might not want winter around. 

“Frosty The Snowman” by Ella Fitzgerald

Do you have young children who are enthusiastic about wintertime or winter jazz music plus with the fun that can be had outdoors in the snow? If so, you’ll want to add “Frosty The Snowman” by Ella Fitzgerald to your playlist. 

This wintertime jazz song by Ella Fitzgerald is from her album Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas. It’s perfect for snowy winter days when you want to be transported back to simpler times or when you want to have fun with your kids and enjoy the childlike joy winter brings.

“Warm December” by Julie London

Wintertime is the perfect chance to lie in bed with a significant other cozy under the covers, enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and listening to smooth jazz. So why not capitalize on this opportunity and listen to a sappy love song like “Warm December” by Julie London? 

This Bob Russell song was recorded by Julie London in 1956 for her aptly named album Calendar Girl. This song is about love keeping you warm on a cold day. “My arms, so lovin’ / A kind of oven / To melt the sleet and snow.” You might not melt into the snow, but you can use your love to melt into each other’s arms while listening to “Warm December.”

“Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” by Frank Sinatra

Do you enjoy classical jazz but can’t decide on a song that’s perfect for chilly holiday season occasions? Like Frank Sinatra’s Christmas songs! Why, not Frank Sinatra’s “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!?”

Frank Sinatra’s smooth vocals and effortless charm make this winter classic a must-listen. His rendition of “Let It Snow!” captures the joy and bubbling excitement of the holiday season, making it the right choice for creating a festive atmosphere during winter gatherings with friends and families – like Christmas Day!

The Wrap-Up on Wintertime Jazz Playlist Songs for Easy Listening

These jazz songs, with their distinct styles, brilliant lyrics, and happy vibes, embody the diverse moods of winter: reflective, intimate, and celebratory. Whether you’re bundled up indoors or strolling through a snow-covered landscape, these tunes will make this winter one to remember. Check out some of the best jazz collections of Sharonmariecline!

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