The Sharon Marie Cline Experience

When the lights go down and the curtain rises, there’s only one jazz female singer who can bring the house down: Sharon Marie Cline.

With a voice that can make you cry, laugh, or fall in love with her all over again, Sharon Marie and her band have quickly become a favorite in the realm of Los Angeles jazz musicians and performed in beautiful rooms around the country. She’s performed on the same stage as jazz greats Nancy Wilson, Tony Bennett, and Chris Botti!

If you’re looking for a soulful jazz vocalist who harkens back to the Golden Age of jazz while also bringing a distinctive, soulful, heartfelt flare to the music she sings, look no further than Sharon Marie. She is the cream of the crop of female jazz singers. This exceptional vocalist hails from Jacksonville, Florida and brings a unique sense of jazz history to her song stylings. With her charming and refreshing approach, she often employs rhythmic and tempo variations that leave listeners with a lasting impression that is truly unforgettable!

Sharon dubs her band “The Bad Boyz of Jazz” because of its exceptional musicians. She often jokes, “They are so good that they are baaad!” Their innovative rhythmic sense, lush arrangements, and musical skills have made them a household name.

Whether you’re a fan of Sharon Marie Cline’s sultry, soulful sounds or want to hang out with some cool cats, you can’t go wrong with The Bad Boyz of Jazz.

Sit back and enjoy the romantic swingin’ melodies of Sharon Marie Cline and The Bad Boyz of Jazz.

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