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Sharon Marie Cline - Jazz Singer

Sharon Marie Cline - About

About Sharon

Internationally acclaimed soulful jazz vocalist Sharon Marie Cline, also known as “The Divine Ms. Cline” because of the dreamy, romantic quality of her voice, has become one of Southern California's most sought-after live performers.

Sharon is not just a female jazz vocalist. She is the embodiment of style, sophistication, and grace. Her music blends many styles and influences to create an expression that is uniquely Sharon. With her bold personality and creative flair, she is exciting, sexy, fun, and mesmerizing.

Her music is a reflection of her soul; she captures the essence of who she is in each tune written for you to enjoy. Her music will take you on an emotional journey as she sings each note with passion and conviction.

Classically trained and gifted with a five-octave vocal range, Sharon also possesses a musical theater and regional theater background and offers her own fresh, contemporary touch to jazz, soul, and Broadway standards. Her rich tone, purity of voice, and perfect control allow her to convey a deep range of emotion that totally captivates her audiences.

Sharon brings you back to a time gone by while also making you feel like you're living in the present day. Her style is reminiscent of that era yet distinctively contemporary at the same time.


As a popular female singer, her albums and sultry singles make for the perfect night. The soulful, smooth, and glamorous sounds will turn any evening into a romantic affair as you close your eyes and let yourself get lost in the music.


Sharon’s a great example of a singer who knows how to bring an audience into her universe. She wins her way into your heart the first time you hear her.


Her phrasing is inventive, often creatively arresting. Her interpretations are molded emotionally and musically rich. This is a voice to be reckoned with.


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