Jazz Night Songs: Three of the Best Relaxing Jazz Songs to Play in the Evening

Jazz is one of the cornerstones of the music industry, so it shouldn’t surprise you just how many jazz songs are out there. But what might shock you is the many benefits of listening to jazz at night.

There is a lot to discuss when it comes to jazz as a genre. Today, the team at Sharon Marie Cline will focus on some of the benefits of listening to jazz and also provide three of the best relaxing jazz songs.

Why Should You Listen to Jazz Songs at Night? 

Extensive studies have shown just how beneficial listening to jazz can be, proving that this genre of music can dramatically boost one’s health. 

To learn more about how jazz music can be beneficial, have a look below.

Relieves Stress

Everyone experiences at least some level of stress every day. However, even at low levels, stress can wreak havoc and cause strain on the body. Jazz music has been proven to relieve stress, which is why everyone should listen to some relaxing jazz music before bed to induce a relaxed state of mind.

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Lowers Blood Pressure

It might be difficult to believe, but listening to jazz music lowers blood pressure. Listening to jazz can expand your blood vessels by around 30 percent, improving your overall health and reducing the likelihood of sustaining a heart attack.

Relieves Headaches

While there are many ways to relieve a headache, jazz can also help soothe the duration and intensity of most severe headaches. A study showed patients who played jazz reported a 21% reduction in pain. 

What Are Three Jazz Night Songs You Should Listen to Daily?

With all these benefits, you likely want to add a few jazz songs to your playlist. Look below to learn a few songs we recommend you listen to daily to experience the benefits of jazz on your overall well-being. 

“Lover Man” — Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef was one of the first musicians to introduce traditional jazz to the world, and his song “Lover Man” proves why he was such a big powerhouse in the jazz world. If you like relaxing love songs, you should listen to this one. 

“Silent Night” — Sharon Marie Claire

“Silent Night” is a classic Christmas carol. When popular jazz singer Sharon Marie released her beautiful version of it in 2020, she paved the way for the song to be listened to all year round.

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“Old Friend” — Toots Thielemans

This Belgian jazz musician has produced many great jazz songs, but none match the soothing sound of his popular song “Old Friend.” Its smooth tempo will have you relaxed and ready for a restful sleep before the song ends.

Wrap-Up on Jazz Night Songs Worth Adding to Your Playlist

You can never go wrong when it comes to listening to jazz. The genre has revolutionized the music industry, and its benefits have driven home how crucial music is to us. So try integrating the songs we recommended into your daily activities, especially “Silent Night” by Sharon Marie Cline.

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