New Smooth Jazz Albums

We’re halfway into the year, and some big-name band albums have already been released. Jazz fans are hungry for new smooth jazz releases in 2024, and the jazz scene is in a frenzy for some of these albums. In this blog, we’re going to discuss a few of the best new smooth jazz albums you need to get your hands on and a few of the top artists in the genre worth listening to. 

What Are the Latest Smooth Jazz Albums Released in 2024? 

Jack Walrath: Live at Smalls 

With his collaborations with Charles Mingus, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, and Miles Davis, Jack Walrath has garnered much acclaim as a composer, arranger, and trumpeter. Now, he has added to the new smooth jazz album collection for 2024 with his latest jazz album, Live at Smalls. Released on May 3, this album reflects his five-decade career and is well worth a listen.

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Nubiyan Twist: Find Your Flame

One of the most eagerly anticipated new smooth jazz albums of 2024 was Nine-piece powerhouse Nubiyan Twists’ fourth album, Find Your Flame, released on May 3. This album combines soul and jazz with horn-led melodies and electronic elements. It’s something new, something fun, and something worthy of attention. 

Troy Roberts: Green Lights

With so many current and upcoming smooth jazz releases, there is no way we could leave out Troy Roberts’s newest album. Green Lights is his 16th album, released on May 6. The album lets his talent for blending contemporary genres and jazz shine. It also includes all original tracks, some reimaginings of older pieces, and some newly written ones.

Who Are the Top Artists in the Jazz Genre Right Now?


Cherise’s silky voice has been making a buzz in the jazz music industry since she released her album “EP REMEDY” in 2021. She first registered on people’s radars after being recognized as FM’s Vocalist of the Year in 2020. In her debut album, she blends vocal jazz, modern R&B, and soul to achieve the masterpieces presented to listeners. 


One of the easiest-to-recognize jazz artists, with her signature blond dreadlocks and recognizable deep bass-like sounding voice, is Harleighblu. She has certainly been at the forefront of the genre in recent years. 

Recently, her Sofa Sounds session demonstrated her vocal range and ability to hit higher tempos, earning her new listeners. The jazz community has its ears and eyes on her as she builds her career and releases soulful singles.

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Sharon Marie Cline

Sharon Marie Cline, also lovingly known as “The Divine Ms. Cline” in the jazz community, has been one of the jazz genre’s best singers of late because of her dreamy-sounding voice and ability to perform with style and sophistication. 

With so many hit albums, it’s unsurprising that she has become one of Southern California’s most sought-after live performers. Her fan base is only growing as she continues her career. 

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The Wrap-Up on New Smooth Jazz Albums

2024 is shaping up to be a good year for smooth jazz music, as many rising stars and well-known bands and singers are offering listeners fresh new albums! If you are new to the genre or looking for a change, give Sharon Marie Cline and the other bands and singers we recommended in this blog a listen. 

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