What are jazz musicians? The best ones of all time

Since its inception, jazz musicians has express themselves in a new, creative way. This abnormal approach to music makes these musicians easily recognizable for their individuality, unique rhythm, and passion.

Jazz is a genre well known for opening the doors to improvisation and expression. But what exactly it is and who are the must-know jazz artists that embody this genre’s heart and soul? In this article, we answer these questions, moreover we’ve also covered a full article with everything you need to know about Jazz.

When Was Jazz Invented, and Who Invented It?

As with many good things, jazz and its origins are murky. Numerous people have tried to claim the title of “inventor” of this genre. Depending on who you speak with and the history you believe in, jazz didn’t just appear but developed gradually with the influence of multiple musicians. 

In fact, according to historical records, the first traces of jazz took form in the 1900s. It’s believed African Americans birthed the concept before different musicians adapted it. The musicians with the biggest influence during the genre’s infancy include Nick LaRocca, Buddy Bolden, and Creole artist Morton, who was the first to write jazz sheet music.

What Is Jazz Musicians?

So What Is Jazz, and What Are Jazz Musicians? Since jazz was founded in Louisiana, New Orleans by African Americans, it’s no surprise that the genre consists of many African rhythms. It’s also not surprising that this genre has some European musical conventions. Jazz music features a unique mashup of different genre influences that transcend cultural influences. 

So, what does this make? Simple, lyrical, and rhythmic masters. They are said to be the creators of musical expression and creativity. Every one of these musicians have their own unique voice, with each jazz song holding a soulful mix of emotions that speak to the audience, connecting with the hearts of listeners. 

This is why they are incredibly sought after for events and special occasions today. 

What Artists Play Jazz Music?

Many artists made huge waves when jazz was at its peak. Some even played a massive role in its success by producing compositions that left a mark in musical history forever. 

Below, you’ll find a few of the best musicians and jazz songs that resonate with audiences worldwide. 

  • Louis Armstrong: He produced the well-known masterpiece “What a Wonderful World,” which was released in 1967 and is still popular today. The unique gravelly sound of his voice, accompanied by the music’s harmony, is what made the song so impactful. 
  • Duke Ellington: Ellington was a huge jazz influencer. He had many talents that he was recognized for, such as being a pianist and composer. He led the Duke Ellington Orchestra and ensured his legacy with various jazz songs. The most popular examples of his beloved classics are “Take the A Train” and “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.”
  • Ella Fitzgerald: A woman who was truly remarkable on and off the stage was Fitzgerald. She captivated her audience and made history as “The First Lady of Song.” Her most popular classic was “Summertime,” but each of her songs impacted her audience as it conveyed deep emotion. Unsurprisingly, her music still influences many musicians today. Furthurmore if you are intrested to get to know some of the best jazz singers of all time, check our blog as “Some of the best often-forgotton jazz singers of all time“.


With its unique sound that anyone can recognize and its creative artists, jazz and its creators continue to impact music and audiences today. Rich with culture and creativity, it is not hard to see why this musical genre and its musicians, like Sharon Marie Cline, greatly influence budding artists and communities worldwide.
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