Modern Female Jazz Singers Are Pushing Boundaries

It will come as no surprise that female jazz singers have played a significant role in diversifying and evolving jazz into the modern form we know and love today. Idols such as Ella Fitzgerald, 

Sarah Vaughan, and Billie Holiday helped build the foundation of jazz so that modern female jazz singers could swoop in and leave their mark too. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how modern female jazz singers are doing more for the genre than ever. Not only are they pushing boundaries, but they are also drawing in new listeners like bees to honey. Let’s dive in!

The Influences and Unique Styles of Modern Female Jazz Singers

As with all modern jazz musicians, each female jazz artist brings her own recognizable influence and style to the genre, which in turn adds to jazz’s ever-expanding diversity and evolution. One of the best examples is Esperanza Spalding, who has made defining waves in the jazz genre by blending R&B, Brazilian, and jazz in each of her compositions. 

Another example is Diana Krall, who infused contemporary rock and pop with traditional jazz and is well-known for her contralto vocals. These musicians, among many others, have influenced the evolution of jazz and helped it become the unique, diversified genre it is today. 

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Modern Female Jazz Singers and Their Impact on the Genre

Modern female jazz singers have greatly impacted jazz as a genre by pushing and molding the creative frontiers of jazz. Their drive to expand and experiment with jazz has opened the genre up to broader audiences,  crossing boundaries that most genres wouldn’t dare.

Modern artists like Diana Krall, Esperanza Spalding, Cassandra Wilson, and Norah Jones have earned their spots as inspirational artists who have made more than a few contributions to today’s jazz music. They crossed the boundaries of music to showcase that jazz could be blended with other genres, creating fresh and enticing new musical compositions. Without them, we would never see the jazz industry as it is today.

Emerging Modern Female Jazz Singers Who Are Pushing the Boundaries

This generation of modern female jazz singers is rising within the contemporary music community. New rising stars offer a uniquely innovative and creative perspective of modern jazz. 

To name a few exceptional rising stars, we have Sharon Marie Cline, Jazzmeia Horn, Cécile McLorin Salvant, and Kandace Springs. Each of these artists is well known for their determination to preserve jazz’s authenticity while embracing its evolving nature, as evidenced by their music. 

In addition, many emerging female jazz artists are collaborating with other artists of many different cultural backgrounds to create global music that influences listeners and leaves their mark on the world.

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The Wrap-Up on Modern Female Jazz Singers Pushing Boundaries 

The impact made by modern female jazz singers is largely apparent in the world of music. Fresh new jazz music is being released that carries the authenticity of the genre while showcasing its innovative nature. Simply put, modern female jazz musicians like Sharon Marie Cline are constantly redefining the boundaries of jazz as a genre to create something new and unique that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.  

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