Enjoy the replay as we celebrate the seasons in the Groove studio with a very special Christmas show, Special thank you to Sharon Marie Cline, Terry Steele and Louis Price for there live in studio singing some of your favorite Christmas songs seasons greetings #weluvvraregrooves .

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SmoothJazz“Sharon Marie Cline is a jazz artist like no other of her time… Elegant & Graceful. Extraordinary vocals.” ~ SHUMON HUTCHINSON
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SmoothJazz“Celebrated and critically acclaimed L.A. based vocal stylist Sharon Marie Cline has released a live album and holiday project in the past, but those were simply prelude to her glorious emergence as a recording artist with this an exquisite and romantic collection that allows her to declare, on the dreamy and sensual, flute spiced title track, one of two lush originals among 10 well chosen interpretations of classics, that “This Is Where I Wanna Be.” Cline’s triumph lies in her effortless breezing from easy swinging (“Happy Talk,” an inspired choice from SOUTH PACIFIC) to Bossa (“Love Dance,” “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars”) to blues (“You Don’t Know What Love Is”). When you listen, you too will declare, THIS IS WHERE I WANNA BE!” ~ JONATHAN WIDRAN

Music Zoom“Sharon Marie Cline is now in a constant presence in clubs of Los Angeles and with her third album became a singer of international dimensions. Her sultry and seductive voice, somewhere between Sarah Vaughan and Nina Simone is expressed in those twelve tracks that contain ninety years of history, between Broadway and contemporary pop with a Brazilian touch. This is a singer who knows how to turn on everything she comes in touch with. … Despite the cover of the album showing a photo that makes her look like one of the young singers looking for success on TV, Sharon Marie Cline is a singer who is very interesting and expressive, mature and sensual. She looks cute but she has a voice even more beautiful than everything else!”

CoffeeTalk“Sharon Marie is a favorite in LA’s Jazz club scene. She preforms regularly with the finest jazz musicians in the most exclusive rooms on the West Coast.”

Jazz Weekly“Her velvety voice caresses Ivan Lins’ “Love Dance” and Tom Jobim’s Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars” with Brazilian charm, and makes them fit in like a puzzle along with swing era pieces like “If Dreams Come True.” She does some marvelous things with Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Happy Talk” and sounds convincingly vulnerable on “How Long Has This Been Going On.” Eames’ own “This is Where I Wanna Be” has some impressive lyrics by the vocalist, making you hope she does a release of her own material. You’ll like her!” ~ George W. Harris

LAJazzScene“Sharon’s a great example of a singer who knows how to bring an audience into her universe. She wins her way into your heart the first time you hear her.”

FAME“At first, in Ivan Lins’ Love Dance, Sharon Marie Cline’s style seems to be one of near-melismatics and evanescence, the sort of music you want to drift off to under a canopy of stars and dreamy eyes, a nice long 6-minute immersion in gentle hedonisms. … … Don’t just dig the eros of the disc’s ambiance, don’t merely melt into the frequent etherealities, but also pay heed to the architecture of every cut and see where Sharon Cline’s jazz heart really is, because, as much as her accompanists are on the spot and the music beguiling, it’s her and Eames’ architecting that really make This is Where I Wanna Be what it is.”

Fundacion“Vocalist Sharon Marie Cline reaffirms her status of being one of the best singers of today with her new album “This Is Where I Wanna Be”. Accompanied by the band she rehashes romantic compositions in her own style, giving them a glimpse of love, passion and dreams. She is presenting her new CD in cities across The North…” ~ Luis Raul Montell

T4C-230“This Is Where I Wanna Be” has some of the best musicians in LA.”
“Cline is known for performing at exclusive clubs and has a loyal following, she stays tapped into today’s technology continuously navigating new ways to keep in close touch with her fans. She has designed an artist app for smartphones that allows her fans to stay in touch by not only joining her social network but keeping up with her upcoming engagements as well as purchase downloads from her music catalogue and more.”

OsPlace“This Is Where I Wanna Be is a collection of a dozen popular ballads, each with a romantic theme. Cline’s voice is warm, smoky and peaceful, pairing well with the lyrics and the band. She’s a new voice on the LA Jazz club scene and quickly gaining attention and notoriety. “Sugar On My Lips” is a fine example of Cline’s personalization of the songs. Co-producer Rich Eames (p), Jon Stuart (perc) and Cline did an excellent job with the arrangements. Other highlights are “You Don’t Know What Love Is”, “Quiet Nights” and “Why Can’t You Behave?”


“I love the undulating rhythm of bossa nova; it reminds me of floating on a wave. I love how the voice can ride over the crest of the rhythm. Bossa nova always conjures romantic dreamy imagery for me. It’s sensual, sexy, and fun.”
“The most profound experience for me as a musician is the impact and joy music brings to people’s lives.”


LAJazzcom“Cline does a fine job making each song her own. “Sugar on My Lips” features a sexy blues guitar by Jacques Lesure. Cline sings “Laughter in the Rain” in a breathy, confidential way, as though she’s sharing secrets with her best friend.”

JazzMonthly“Originally a lighthearted song about lovers in the rain, Cline turns it into a moody and seductive slow dance that leads to some optimistic improvised lyrics and vocalizations at the end – almost as if the sun is just about to peek out from the clouds. That’s a perfect metaphor for Cline’s emergence. This is where jazz vocal fans are going to want to be too!” – Jonathan Widran

seattlepi“Carrying on the smoky-voiced tradition of an artist like the late, great Sarah Vaughan, Los Angeles-based songstress Sharon Marie Cline paints her way through a program of a dozen classic and original tunes on her new album, This Is Where I Wanna Be. Her phrasing is inventive, often creatively arresting. Her interpretations are molded emotionally and musically rich. This is a voice to be reckoned with.”

artsamerica“From the moment I walked in the door I knew I was in the right place, as the band was in the middle of a scorching version of Bobby Timmons’ great standard, “Moanin”.

MIdwestRecord“The kind of gal that brings a sound that’ll pack ‘em in at the clubs, she’s a little bit out of the times but very much a part of her own time zone. Jazz vocal that’s not afraid to move out of it’s comfort zone, this set delivers the goods quite nicely, engagingly entertaining throughout.” – Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher

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The Jazz Chill Corner
Anima Jazz

click zoom bytes“There are two primary goals for every great vocalist: to own each song as one’s personal creation; and to tell a story even more deeply than the lyrics depict. Outstanding vocalist Sharon Marie Cline clearly achieves both of these goals – vividly proven by her new CD This Is Where I Wanna Be.” – ClickZoomBytes
Sharon Marie Cline is one who stays focused on her dreams, furiously working all facets of her career, her latest goal penning her new single “This Is Where I Wanna Be”. – Claudio Cavalcanti

axs entertainmentSharon Marie Cline brings a refreshing approach to jazz vocal standards

“My encounter with Sharon Marie Cline’s This is Where I Wanna Be,” an album she produced with her pianist and musical director Rich Eames, was, for the most part, a pleasant surprise. …There is a scat break in “If Dreams Come True” in which she sings in unison with the saxophone work of Bram Glik; and their synchrony could not have been more impressive.

The title has its source in the final track on the album, “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars,” which is the English-language version that Gene Lees wrote as lyrics for Antônio Carlos Jobim’s “Corcovado.” However, it is also the title of a new song that Eames composed for this new album with words by Cline. Aside from the bossa nova beat, the new song has nothing in common with either Jobim’s tune or Lees’ words. It is distinctly original and, located as the mid-point track, provides both anticipation and complementation for the way in which the album ends. Taken as a whole, This is Where I Wanna Be leaves me with some hope that my standards for jazz vocal technique have not yet been totally abandoned.” – Stephen Smoliar, Classical Music Examiner

gig masters“Sharon and the Boys were total pros and very wasy to work with. Our guests loved their music and they sounded so smooth and wonderful! If jazz is what you need for your event, look no further than Sharon Cline and the Bad Boys of Jazz!” – Alicia W

“Sharon Cline was one of our best decisions that we made for our wedding. She was very accommodating to all of our requests. And has a great selection of music appropriate to a different stage of the reception. Our friends loved her so much that they also booked her in a month for a non-wedding function, which worked out great as well. I would definitely recommend Sharon!” – Maya B

“We hired Sharon Cline & The Bad Boyz of Jazz for a corporate end-of-year function at The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego and the very talented musicians and Sharon’s sultry vocals were superb! I am proud to say they “made” our event a very classy affair! Thank you Sharon for a wonderful evening! I would definitely recommend Sharon Cline & The Bad Boyz of Jazz to anyone who truly wants a very special, memorable event.” – Lisa W

“My family and friends loved Sharon and her band. She added a various nice atmosphere to our backyard/hillside brunch. They even let my 20 month old son sit in on the drums for a song. I will hire them again for sure when I do another jazz-in-the-yard event.” – Don S

Other/Personal Reviews

“From her base in Los Angeles, Sharon Marie Cline has been attracting local attention for a little while now, and with this, her third album, she must surely gain widespread approval.” ~ Jazz Mostly

“This is singing like we haven’t heard in a long time – from the heart, smooth, reflective and just sensational!” ~ Grady Harp, Vine Voice Reviewer April 29, 2014

“Thank you so much, you and your band members were fabulous! You added a touch of elegance to our celebration! Just what I wanted. Thank you again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” ~ Denise Strini, Western National Realty Group

“Thank you so much for your professionalism, your elegance, great attitude and your talent too! I always know I can count on you to add grace, elegance and fun to any one of my events.” ~ Julie Reynolds, Public Relations Director, Bloomingdales

“Sharon approaches her material with a deep appreciation of jazz history, delivering a variety of standards, show tunes and classic jazz ballads with a smooth, clear voice. She is very secure in her abilities and sings without resorting to the technical histrionics afflicting too many jazz singers these days.” ~ Arts America Blogs by William Wolff

“Known for her fantasic range and elegant style. Chanteuse Sharon Marie Cline performed a laid-back version of Waller’s “Honeysuckle Rose.” She swings hard and deep, but somehow manages to keep a sweetness about her that’s both inviting and intimidating.” ~ Jay’s Jazz Journeys – Nolas ‘A Taste of New Orleans